Update – February 2020

The public notice period in respect of the proposed prescribed alterations to St Nicholas Community Special School ended on 6 February 2020. As no objections or comments were received to the public notice, Mr Richard Long TD, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills has confirmed his decision taken under procedures laid down in Kent County Council’s constitution that the proposed changes to St Nicholas School can be implemented from September 2020.

The Canterbury Church of England Diocese and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark may appeal to the Schools Adjudicator against this decision within four weeks of the decision being made.


Update - Public Notice, January 2020

The consultation on the proposal to make changes to St Nicholas (Community Special) School ended on 7 October 2019.  Details of the proposal and the responses to the consultation were reported to and endorsed by the Children, Young People and Education Cabinet Committee on 15 November 2019. Mr Richard Long, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, having considered the recommendation from Cabinet Committee and all the responses to the consultation, agreed that a public notice should be issued. 

The public notice published in the Canterbury edition of the Kentish Gazette on 9 January 2019 and displayed at all main entrances to the schools, can be found below in the documents section, together with the complete proposal and signed Record of Decision.

The closing date for sending in objections and comments is 6 February 2020 and written representations should be sent to Marisa White, Area Education Officer, Brook House, Reeves Way, Whitstable, CT5 3SS. Email: school.consultations@kent.gov.uk



St Nicholas (Community Special) School

The County Council is the strategic commissioner of education provision in Kent and has a duty to ensure that sufficient school places are available to meet demand This duty applies to special school provision, as well as mainstream settings. Kent County Council does not have enough local specialist provision in mainstream schools and too many children and young people have to go to a specialist school too far from home to have their education, health and care need met.

The Commissioning Plan for Education Provision in Kent sets out our commissioning intentions and is revised annually. The 2019-23 iteration was approved by Cabinet at its meeting of 28 January 2019.

Kent County Council is proposing to establish Satellite provisions of St Nicholas School at Canterbury Academy for secondary aged pupils and St Johns Primary for primary aged pupils to provide students with opportunities for integration at a mainstream school. The new satellites will provide additional opportunities and choice for integration for both primary and secondary St Nicholas pupils

Have your say

We recommend you read the Consultation letter which can be found in the document section below.   If you wish to comment on this proposal, please return a response form by midday on 7 October 2019, by handing it in at the school office or emailing your views to school.consultations@kent.gov.uk


  • Opened
    9 Sep 2019 at 10:00
  • Closed
    7 Oct 2019 at 12:00
  • Response Published
    09 Jan 2020


Consulting Organisation Type
  • School, college or university
Consulting Organisation Name Kent County Council
District / Borough areas affected by the consultation
  • Canterbury
Consultation Topic
  • General interest
  • Children and families
  • Schools, education and learning
Consultation Methods
  • Online survey / questionnaire / forms
  • Open responses (e.g. letters and email)
  • Public meeting
Contact Details

Post:  Marisa White, KCC Area Education Officer, Brook House, Reeves Way, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 3SS.

Email: school.consultations@kent.gov.uk